Weddings in Diamanti

You Bring the Love, We do the Rest

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The Diamanti Hotel has a long and proud reputation as a wedding venue.

With a great location in Sozopol, and easy access to the chapel St John Rilski (just a few steps in front of the hotel), where the ceremony will take place ,the Diamanti Hotel is the perfect choice.

Planning wedding and reception, our experience and personal attention will ensure that yours is the perfect day.

The day you’ve been waiting for since the first time you set eyes on each other,the one day in your life that you want everything to be perfect, at Diamanti hotel, Sozopol, it will be.

Our friendly and professional staff will guide you through each stage of the planning process, then handover to an event supervisor, who will ensure that all your planning pays off and everything runs smoothly.

You can also be sure that all your guests will receive a warm welcome on arrival and excellent service throughout their visit.


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