Churches of Sozopol

st george

st cyril and methodius

Sozopol was Christianized early. Bishops are recorded as resident there from at least the year 431.

The ancient icons and magnificent woodcarving in the iconostases are a remarkable accomplishment of the craftsmanship of these times. The medieval town of Sozopol had more than 20 churches. The names of two bishops from Sozopol, chosen as Constantinople patriarchs – Ioan XII Kozma and Nil – testify to the importance of the town as a cultural and religious center during that age..

To this day the ruins of the monumental buildings of the monastery Saint John Precursor are preserved on Saint Ivan’s island, as well as a basilica in the center of the city and the town’s walls.

A few churches and 18 chapels from the 15th century are still preserved, built on the ruins of medieval temples. In these holy places the icons painted during the 18th-19th century by the master-painters from Sozopol are preserved.

The most impressive artefact from that time is the iconostasis of the church of Saint Mother of God (The Holy Virgin Church. ) (Bogoroditsa) produced by an unknown woodcutter by the end of the 18thcentury. St. Zosim Church and The church St George(1828 main one), the church St. Cyril and Methodius (1888)


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